Monday, March 17, 2008

Tank Mech


dq said...

It's rad how fast you're busting this things out. I love the details especially near the feet!

Robogabo said...

That is so cool! i love it
being able to translate the design
of the legs in all the angles
is great! very nice arrangement of
details, and Persephone post you did
is O_O wow, very nice mass in
her back, very natural.
man you kick butt! characters,
creatures, props, mecha it is
all very inspiring :-D !!

El polaco scalerandi said...

uuuuuaauuuuuu, congratulations, its wonderfull
el polaco
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Aman Chaudhary said...


Hey, did you see the news on Monday about Boston Dynamics new BigDog Robot? -

Hao Wu said...

again, awesome stuff!

BLAS said...


iumazark said...

greatt ,! I love your desings

Mindy Lee said...

awesome design!! Gets the point across right away, and clean execution.

Bahne said...

Great character design.

admin said...

But how about installing a great chainsaw as its main and secondary weapon?

have you check the chainsaws at this link?

They were awesome, I hope someone could designed them as a weapon.

info said...

Hey Chainsaw I could not find you email. So I will post it here.
I've made this robot in 3d and I would like to put it in my training animation I'am doing at the moment.
Please let me know if you have anything against it. Here is one of the frames (its going to be animated - a smal walk cycle).

If you could please give me an answer on my email :