Sunday, September 28, 2008

Seminar Demo

I did a demo over at the Laguna college of art and design yesterday, representing the Concept Design Academy. I redesigned the spider from The Mist. The Mist was an amazing story from Stephen King's anthology Skeleton Crew.

I began with showing how I create a composition within the design. This is stuff I normally do subconsciously but I made it more apparent for the purposes of the demonstration. I paid attention to the relationships of proportion, creating a hierarchy of triangles so the elements either framed each other or emphasized where I wanted the viewer to look, rather than fighting each other for attention. the low slung composition gives the impression that it is capable of quick scuttling movement and the giant fang/claws frame the mandibles. I made the mandibles smaller and overlapping to give it a creepier look having the smaller mouth parts slide over each other while eating and to have more mass variance in the face.

I would like to thank the Laguna college of art and design staff, students, and visitors for welcoming me and showing me a good time.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008